OCTOBER 18, 2014, 6 to 10 PM

OCT 18 – NOV 15, 2014

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming art show titled Patefacio.  In the curatorial debut of local painter Jonathan Aller, a group of local artists were asked to interpret and create their version of classic Pin Up Art.  In the current era of twerking tweens and overt sexuality in constantly streaming HD, it’s hard to remember that in the not so distant past, there was an industry and art form focused on the illustrative and sultry subtleties of Pin Ups.  This show offers a chance for the artists and the viewers to open a dialogue on both that era and our own.


Aller’s inspiration for this show was his fascination with pin up paintings of bygone eras.  “One of the main features that attract me is the vignette; being minimal but showing just enough information to tell a story. With Patefacio I wanted to leave the interpretation open to the participating artists: expressing in their own voice what “Pin Ups” mean to them through their art work,” says Aller.

Participating artists include the curator Jonathan Aller as well as Doug Hoffman, Brian MacNeil, Kyle Pettis, Linda Nelson and Matt Boswell.  Aller’s goal with this show is to showcase the best talent from all across the nation in one of the premier galleries in Minneapolis.

Opening Reception will be on October 18th from 6 to 10 pm.

The exhibition will be on display from October 18 to November 15 , 2014.


Jonathan Aller spent most of his life sketching everything he saw. His passion for sketching and drawing carried into a love for painting.  After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design he traveled to Florence, Italy to study at The Angel Academy Atelier. It was there that he was taught the techniques of the masters. “I love painting from life; a portrait, a figure study or a still life all express my desire to create.  I strive to keep true to the subject while breathing life and excitement into the painting.”


Housed within the warehouse offices of their tax preparation business in the ever-gentrifying Northeast Arts District, the 7 year old gallery continues to focus on promoting both new and established artistic talent, as well as garner both local and national media attention for its unique approach to assisting artists both in promotions and business.  Recent exposure from the Star Tribune, Kare 11 News, Metro, Ready Made Magazine, and others have helped this brother/sister team of tax accountants create a premiere exhibition site within the Minneapolis art scene.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, 6 to 9 PM

bruce 3

The Gallery at Fox Tax is pleased to announce that veteran local painter Bruce Nygren is returning for his second solo exhibit of new works. Opening reception will be held on September 20, 2014 from 6 to 9 pm.

bruce 4

Painting full-time in Minneapolis for nearly 40 years, Bruce Nygren has spent decades making the unbelievable believable.  He wows viewers with spectacular scenes, from fully furnished houses floating over storm swept seas to giant turtles roaming the landscape with skyscrapers growing from their shells.  This exhibit will showcase his still life paintings that dazzle with the same magical feel.  For Nygren, imagination and curiosity about the world come together to create these fantastical pieces and transport the viewer to a wholly new world.

bruce 2

Although commonly described as such, Bruce does not put himself in the league of Surrealist painters.  When asked to describe his paintings, he explained “I’m not a Surrealist, so no explanation is needed.  The impact for me and the viewer would be diluted and polluted by some symbolic or political explanation.  I simply paint what and how I like.  The subject for my fantasy paintings comes from curiosity as much as from my imagination.”  This curiosity has led him to a lifelong career of creating canvas worlds where the impossible is not only possible, but somehow probable.


Bruce Nygren, a 1969 MCAD graduate, lives in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis with his dog, Truman where he creates his spectacular oil paintings.


The exhibition will be on display from September 20th to October 12, 2014.

globe 1


nick art awhirl 2014
ON DISPLAY: MAY 16 – JUNE 20, 2014
noah art awhirl 2014

The Gallery at Fox Tax and guest curator Nathaniel Smith are excited to present a group exhibition which explores ideas surrounding crowds of people, and masses used by artists in their work. Specifically timed during Art-a-Whirl, the largest open studio arts tour in the United States, the exhibition openly questions the positives and negatives associated with massive groupings of people, from the power found in numbers, to the loss of perspective when alone in a large group. Guest curator, artist and arts writer Nathaniel Smith, has chosen six local artists whom utilize groupings in their work, either of people, information, or repetitive process to highlight inherent beauty when the one becomes many, and the information lost when the individual artistic gesture (or person) is lost in the whole.


Opening reception will take place on May 16th from 5 pm to 9 pm., and through the duration of the Art-a-Whirl studio crawl (Saturday 17th from 12 to 5, and Sunday the 18th from 12 to 5. The exhibition runs through June 20th, 2014.

The Masses is a group exhibition featuring artwork focuses on artists who have who utilize grouping, collections and repetition in their work, including paintings by Nick Howard, drawings by Noah Harmon, Erik Baden, and collaborative work by Andy Ducett, Ric Stultz, and Michael Joseph Winslow.

Nick Howard’s ink and gouache paintings group a repeating cast of characters which represent parts of the society created by man. Says Howard, “I am fascinated with people, relationships and mass psychology. In particular, I am interested in how the mind works and how the feelings, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions we have create our world, both personally and collectively.”

Noah Harmon describes his highly idiosyncratic drawings as exploring themes which “include but are not limited to: Relaxing, Enjoyment, Creeps, Hotties, Champions, and Rock & Roll. The work is informed by the internet, television, and the supernatural.” Harmon’s recent “Congolomo” series takes all of his characters and combines them into densely packed, highly detailed groups, where one becomes the sum of a whole.

Erik Baden pencil and ink drawings are collections of mark making in massive gatherings, which ultimately resemble flocks of birds, clouds, or crowds. These works, from the series begun in 2007, is called “The Multitudes”. Says Baden, “This work is driven by the relationship between the individual making and it’s collected whole; a plurality and its summative singularity.” A graduate of Milwaukee Institute ofArt and Design, Baden now lives and works in the Twin Cities.

The crowded, collaborative works created by Andy Ducett, Ric Stultz and Michael Joseph Winslow fit tightly into a show based around ideas of massed objects. Coming from different backgrounds, (Ducett, an artist, Stultz, an artist/designer, and Winslow, a writer), the three created a series of works where each added whatever they deemed appropriate to each page, until it was full, and therefore, complete.


Nathaniel Smith is a Minneapolis-based visual artist, arts writer and arts exhibition organizer interested in contemporary art. He was the founder and Director of The FUTURE PRESENCE Gallery, which was awarded Best New Gallery (2011) as well as 3 of the 10 Best Art Exhibitions of 2012 honors by several publications in its one-year run. He is the online arts editor for LA-based art and design site Beautiful/Decay, a contributing columnist for l’étoile, and has also contributed, the Walker Art Center’s website, and Minneapolis Public Radio, amongst others.




On Display: Dec 14 – April 15, 2014

 The Gallery at Fox Tax and guest curator Jesse Draxler are excited to present a group exhibition examining the complex space between art and design. In our highly digitized and corporately curated world it can be difficult to identify the line where design stops and fine art begins, as well as determine whether the distinction even need be made.  Guest Curator, artist, and designer Jesse Draxler has chosen four local artists/designers to whom he feels aesthetically akin and inspired by to join him in highlighting the blurry realm between the two.  The resulting work creates alternate dimensions, suspended mass, impossible landscapes, and highlights SPACE ranging from the edge of the universe to the interiors of our psyche.


Opening reception will take place on December 14th from 6 pm to 9 pm.  For that one night, these designer/artists will not only have original art for sale, but also will be selling prints, shirts and other wares they have designed.


SPACE is a group exhibition featuring artwork by some of Minneapolis most talented designers/artists, including Jesse Draxler, Michael Cina, Eric Gorvin, Angelo Pennacchio and Eddie Perrote.


Michael Cina’s background is rooted in minimal and graphic communication and visual narratives. He explores many different ideas in his practice, thus the form and medium is varied. His interest is in traditional art and building upon those foundations in new ways.

Eric Gorvin has the ability to translate his style and approach across several different mediums from branding to typography, clothing to book making. Gorvin’s works are extremely polished and highly detailed with a strong influence of street art intertwined with the infinite and the human potential.

Angelo Pennacchio Vocalist for the band Umami, one of Totally Gross National Product’s recent signings describes his recent collages as “alien” and “impossible” landscapes.

Eddie Perrote’s works are full of vibrant, colorful, intricate images rooted in a graphic and line-based sensibility, Perrote’s works have a great experimental quality tied to printmaking and mixed media in an indulgent celebration of the imagination.


Jesse Draxler is a Minneapolis based artist and designer that uses a mixed-media fusion of found images, typography and designs. By finding source material from anything, Draxler is able to ‘remix’ fashion spreads as easily as referencing art movements, crafting new imagery with immediate accessibility. Draxler is included on the Walker Art Center / MNArists blog “Ten Artists to Watch in 2013″ list. He has contributed multiple times to The New York Times and was recently featured in “The Age Of Collage” published by Gestalten.                                             






On Display: Nov 2 – Dec 4, 2013
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am to 4pm
The Gallery at Fox Tax is excited to announce a two person exhibition exposing the process behind the artist’s working proof.


Working Proof, a collaboration by husband and wife, Robyn Stoller Awend and Josh Awend features a new series of letterpress prints, installation and photographs.  During the printmaking process a working proof is taken by the artist to evaluate the current state of the print. This proof may serve to show an incomplete image or reflect the finished work. This exhibit is an example of the artists’ working proof, both conceptual and literal, as it relates to where these artists are in their individual works and where they come together.


Robyn Stoller Awend’s central work in this exhibit, Titled, is a self-portrait composed of 48 words surrounding identity. The installation invites the viewer to create personal definitions of these words and at the same time encourages them to find commonalities between the artist herself and viewer. This installation and other works in the exhibit portray Stoller Awend’s current state of identity through both individual words and word fragments.


Josh Awend’s photographs compliment these letterpress works by documenting the process with images and details of the machinery, materials and essence that produce the artistic outcome. Awend looks for images in the frame that capture the depth of space and scale. Large blocks of color focusing on a specific detail that catches the viewer’s eye and ground image.


This first time collaboration invites viewers to see what the working proof looks like from conception to framed image. The photographs allow a window into the process while the prints display a meaningful finished work, including a small gift from the artist. We hope you can join us November 2nd from 7 to 9pm.