Art Form 1040 - ReArted


Opening Reception January 16th, 6 – 10 pm

In the second of an annual series of art exhibits that spans the whole of tax season from January to April, The Gallery at Fox Tax presents its aptly named exhibit: Art Form 1040.  For this year’s exhibit, curator Emma Berg of pairs artists and asks them to “Re-Art” each others work.  The result of this artistic version of “What if they mated?” is a show full of unique collaborative original works, as well as a limited edition 10 print series of each work that will be sold for only $40 each (thus the quippy 10-40 part of this Art Form).  The opening reception for this unique show will be January 16th from 6 to 10 pm.

Artists involved in this show will include (in no certain order or pairing–you’ll have to come see to find that out!):

Nicholas Harper, Ruben Nusz, Deuce Seven, Megan Colleen, John Alspach, Bethany Kalk, Jesse Draxler, Mike Cina, Kevin Vereeke, Shawn McNulty, Michelle Westmark, Rudy Fig, Eric Carlson, John Fleischer, John Grider, Caleb Coppock, Hillary Berg, Isaac Arvold, Josie Lewis, and John Vogt

Each artist was assigned a partner to create a single work that shows off both artists’ unique styles.  From these “re-arted” originals, The Lab Digital Production’s Eric Recktenwald was then able to create a brilliant series of Limited Edition prints that are signed and numbered by both artists involved in the originals.


As the prints are limited to 10 of each piece and only $40 each, they will sell fast, so please email or call to reserve one ahead of time if you so choose.

Please join us at the opening reception to view the original works as well!