ENTANGLEMENTA Group Exhibition of Collage

Opening Reception: Saturday December 17th 6pm to 9pm

The Gallery at Fox Tax, in conjunction with guest curator Hannah Frick, is pleased to present Entanglement, a group exhibition of artists who utilize the technique of collage in various ways.  For this holiday opening party, artists will also be donating works that will be wrapped as gifts and sold sight unseen for $100. Proceeds from these gift sales will be given to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Don’t miss your chance to pick up your own piece of original artwork (or a great last minute gift!) while also giving to charity!

On View: December 17th, 2011- April 17th, 2012

John Diebel

Entanglement features work by many well known local artists including: Beth Bowman, Allen Brewer, John Diebel, Jesse Draxler, Josie Lewis, Rob McBroom, Jessica Slagle, Iam Sorlie, Vanesa Windshitl, Hannah Frick and more.

Collage is an appealing method due to its accessible and tactile nature (for both the artist and the viewer), and for the freedom and play that can occur. Building layers of pre-existing forms and images allows for a balance between chance and the creator’s choices. Participating artists are using found objects, magazine clippings, trash, photgraphy, Photoshop, drawing and more as mediums to approach the same method.

In Entanglement, seemingly disparate work with various concepts and subject matter are brought together and unified by a common technique, much as a collage takes many separate elements and transforms the parts into a cohesive whole.