More Is a Four Letter Word

Opening Reception: May 15th, 2009 6:00-11:00 pm
On View: May 15th – June 12th, 2009

The Gallery @ Fox Tax is proud to present a show by guest curator Emma Berg of, entitled:

More Is a Four Letter Word.

This group exhibition explores what it means to want more at a time when everyone is saying want less.  Within each of us is a desire for more that goes far beyond the basic desire of things.  It is a need for answers to the unknown, a desire for power, a hunger for knowledge or an unquenchable thirst to continue growing as individuals.  At times this need is healthy and at other times destructive.  A balance that can be hard to find and even harder to convey to others.

Tynan Kerr & Andie Mazorol work side by side to reconfigure history based off of found imagery ranging from mesmerism to dogs.  In combining images from various sources all painted in sharply contrasting colors  the intensity heightens and a sense of urgency occurs around a historical reference point that never existed.  In working together each finishes the others work and the finished piece is seamless.

Within Zach Pearl’s work an exploration of the future ahead assures that there is a desire for more.  The personification of the solo islands mimic the anxious feeling of treading water and not knowing how long one will be left at sea before they find an understanding of what and where they are.  There can be a sense of gratitude within such freedom but also a sense of doom in not knowing how long they can stay afloat.

Alex Kuno has been painting The Miscreants of Tiny Town for three years and with each new series of paintings the children become more adaptable to their surroundings; reaching out to corners of Tiny Town that were previously untarnished, but are now scarred by abduction, cannibalism and dismemberment. 

The work of Garrett Perry can be seen as abstracted portraiture in which the subject is dissolved by the abstract paint markings.  The initial “sitters” become consumed by imagery that disfigures and obscures them.

Garrett Perry

Please come see this exhibition by five talented Minneapolis artists and decide for yourself when More Is A Four Letter Word. The opening reception will be May 15th in conjunction with Art-A-Whirl, so make it a full day of checking out the art in the neighborhood!

Check out a review of the show by the Star Tribune here.

Curator Emma Berg

Photo by Bruce Bisping, Star Tribune


images: Tynan Kerr & Andie Mazorol  – Untitled, Zach Pearl – My Son Was Born Into a Waning Moon, Alex Kuno – Untitled, Garrett Perry – Untitled