Opening Reception Party:

Saturday Sept 17, 6 – 10 pm

After a long summer break, we’re excited to announce our first fall art show!

In his first solo exhibit at Fox Tax, NE Minneapolis artist Neal Perbix uses mixed mediums and techniques to explore the abstract world hanging between chaos and control.


Art Documentation, Neal Perbix

Having graduated with a BFA in both sculpture and furniture design, Neal’s fine art has always involved an eye for design and a fascination with tools.  From table saw and router drawings to contractor chalk lines, he has always applied a skilled and controlled process to the canvas. These new works are an attempt to merge and layer a variety of those same techniques, but in doing so, let go of some of the control of where the work winds up.

Art Documentation, Neal Perbix

With a focus on process, Perbix’s new works take previously explored techniques–each a controlled action and outcome–and layers them to a point of unintended and unforeseen abstraction.  The end result is a more chaotic, complicated landscape than his previous works, a reflection of both his internal maturation as an artist and the tumult of an external world where thousands of algorithmic forces compete to control the UX of our daily lives.

On display: September 17th – October 20th, 2016