Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16th, 6 to 10 pm

The Gallery at Fox Tax is pleased to invite, inveigle, and entice you to attend the opening reception for our newest exhibition, entitled Sideshow #12, Works by Peter Geyen. In his first solo exhibit at Fox Tax, local artist Peter Geyen has melded a variety of mediums and techniques into a phantasmagorical world of objects, sculpture, and imagery both whimsical and engaging. Works literally leap off the wall, and at times will even return a viewer’s inquisitive gaze.

Drawing inspiration from both contemporary and timeless sources, Geyen’s ever-evolving process has led to the creation of a large and varied body of work — chimerically combining materials and techniques into other-worldly, fantastical objects. And a richly collaborative creative process has lead to the creation of paintings that literally crawl into and out of their canvases. Every new piece Geyen creates speaks to life’s pervasive sense of irony, absurdity, and the inherently surreal nature of the human experience.


After transitioning from a career path in pre-med science to one in the arts, Geyen proceeded to build his own bronze foundry and workshop. Between 2008  and 2013, he displayed new work at the Crystal Court’s Annual Showcase in downtown Minneapolis, and has participated in several other local exhibitions.

Sideshow #12 will be on display from January 16th through April 20th, 2016.