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The Wonderful World of Tax Law

30 Nov 2018

Deadlines and Due Dates

Important tax deadlines and due dates to keep in mind.

17 Oct 2018

Retirement: Let Tax Savings Help Secure Your Financial Future

US deficits are forcing both parties to look into cutting the cost of entitlement programs, which means that the future of FDR's social safety net is more ambiguous than ever

17 Oct 2018

Business OR Hobby?

The first question for yourself (and the first thing the IRS will be interested in knowing) is whether or not your art is a business or a hobby.

11 Jul 2017

Self-Employment Tax & Estimated Payments

Self-employment tax is the equivalent to Social Security and Medicare taxes that employees have withheld on their paychecks.

12 Jan 2017

Business Entities

An important issue facing all new businesses is choosing the proper business entity type, a decision that impacts tax reporting requirements and liabilities.

29 Dec 2016


You may qualify for up to a $500 credit on your MN tax return if you are paying student loans.