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Tax Organizers


It is our primary goal to make your tax preparation as efficient as possible. To that end, we have developed this Tax Organizer tool to help facilitate the process.

Get every deduction you deserve by reviewing and filling out all the applicable portions of our Tax Organizer below. Tax law changes every year, and we update these forms annually to make sure you don't miss anything.

Download fillable PDF* below and send completed worksheets  through to our Secure Online PortalIf this link below automatically opens in your browser, please Right-Click and choose "Save Link As" to save it locally to your computer and then open within Acrobat rather than your browser.

Download complete 2021 Tax Organizer

*To avoid potential loss of data while filling out this form, be sure to open using Acrobat rather than opening within your browser. Opening in a browser can lead to inadvertent loss of information if you click a link before saving the form to your local computer. 


If you have more than one business or rental property, please see below for additional pages to fill out for each activity separately.