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Fox Tax began in 2004 when brother and sister Mark and Alyssa Fox had the wild idea that tax prep would be fun--IF they could work in an art-filled setting with interesting and creative clients. In doing so, they not only found a way to combine their logic-minded talents with their artistic interests, but also discovered a hugely under-served community of creative entrepreneurs in desperate need of help navigating the complexities of an increasingly inscrutable tax system. 

Since then, they have slowly assembled an incredible staff of like-minded accounting unicorns: adept at numbers and relating to actual individuals. Each member of the Fox Tax team truly loves being able to support and encourage the efforts of others, to help make a business out of one's art and also make an art out of business itself.

Please click on the names below for more info on each member or take a look at Our Services or Frequently Asked Questions for more info on what we do and how we can help!

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